Skydome is a 4 vs 4 tower defense battle arena game. Consisting of a seamless blend between MOBA and tower defense this makes Skydome a uniquely cooperative and competitive title that plays unlike any other.

Welcome to the Early Access Phase of Skydome!

The gates are finally open and Skydome is available for everyone. Get going with our Starter Pack or the Early Access Bundle that offers a selection unique founder Skins and a combination of strong champions to give your gameplay the variety you want!
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Stock up your Diamonds, buy glorious Champions, Skins and Items to stand out on the raging battlefield of the Dawn Temple.

Starter Pack
Starter Pack
Get the Starter Pack to boost your character!

This Package contains:

  • Champion Generic Skin Fragments to choose your favorite skin for your beloved champion
  • Wall Generic Skin Fragment to choose a design of your choice
  • 1000 diamonds to get to target your first champion
  • 1x Experience Boost (100%, 24 hrs)
  • 3x Common Lootbox
Early Access Pack
Early Access Pack
Get the Early Access Pack to get special Founder Skins and your first champions!

This Package contains:

  • Champion Krub
  • Champion Kreg
  • Champion Sula
  • Founder Skin Egon
  • Founder Skin Kreg
  • Founder Skin Krub
  • Founder Skin Sula
  • Founder Wall Skin

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